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This is my friend Jess.  She is from Dominican descent and as you can see she has tight curls and a lot of it.  Before I met Jess I had never experienced working with ethnic hair.  Sure I did some curly hair, but never anything like this.

The first time i ever dyed her hair I found it a challenge to work with that massive amount of hair as I bleached it to put blue and purple streaks in.  The color job was successful and after I conquered that I told myself i can work with anything.

As I was working with her hair she began to tell me about her hair cutting experiences and how she pays 115 bucks for hair cut.  At my shop a hair cut is only 29 so I was very intrigued by where she goes. She told me about Ouidad the curl specialist and how they use slicing techniques and work with something called “the degree of curl.”  This sounded like a new language to me…and she wanted me to cut her hair?

As you can see I was a little nervous taking on the job but I was confident with my skills as a hair dresser and a I did a little bit of reading:

I found some aspects of the article a little contradicting but these articles did help boost my confidence.

When i did the cut, I did the whole thing completely dry (it looked like a sheared a sheep on the floor haha)

I planned to go back in the next day after she washed her hair but we didn’t even have to, It was perfect. I’m really proud of this work.  And again, if i can conquer this I can conquer anything.


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